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London River is probably the most hardcore handler we have on our staff, and Mimosa is excited and terrified to get to know her better. What makes London so good at her job is that her mind is constantly conjuring up new and interesting ways to torment our models. She likes to create and innovate. For today's show she has cool new new twist on an old favorite here at insexondemand.com.

If you've watched any of our programs you're probably familiar with the way we attach clothespins along a string along a model's body and then yank all of them off at once. London has upped the anti and spread an entire fishing net over Mimosa's body. She takes all the pins and takes her time turning Mimosa into a human Christmas tree. London won't rip off the net so long as her play thing will allow her to torment her feet with a barbecue skewer. She pokes at them and uses her skewers like tiny canes until Mimosa gives up and lets her tear off the net.

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