[Archive] **BONUS** Rain Degrey (Now In HD)
Sister Dee causes the most exquisite forms of pain. She has the kind of talent that it takes to make her bitches cry when she's just getting started. Rain knows just how cruel she can be. All it takes is a pair of clover clamps on her tits to get the tears flowing freely. Crying, however, is no way to beg for your freedom from Dee. All it does is make her more apt to abuse.

Dee takes Rain and straps her into the examination table before going to get her tools. She's got pumps and specula and other implements that are all sure to get wonderful reactions from her bitch du jour. The abuse is hard and heavy. By the time Dee has found it in her heart to let Rain's abused twat have another orgasm it leaves Rain so worn out all she can do is pant and hope that Dee is finished with her.
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