[Archive] Pain and Pleasure
Pain is an interesting thing. Applied excessively it will make a person completely shut down. Push someone too far and they pass out, as surely as if you had just knocked them over the head. Too light of a hand and it really can't be called pain at all. A sharp poke in the ribs may make someone scream, but a light enough one just tickles. But applied in just the right levels, in just the right way, pain, magical as it is, can transform into pleasure.

Nikki Darling is our subject in study today. Looking at her fit body it can probably withstand a lot of punishment. But we've got no interest in seeing how much it takes to knock her out. We want to get inside of her head and play around until her brain is confusing the signals for agony and ecstasy.

The goal her is the same as any other torment. We want Nikki to be putty in our hands. By fucking with her head until she can't tell when to cry and when to cum we take control of her entire reality. Once we've done that we know that it is just a few short steps to turn her into our obedient slave.
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