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Moxxie is hot enough to make Sister Dee want to fuck her up. There is something about her body that just invites punishment. Her tits are big, round and completely flawless. Her pussy is sensitive, sweet and tight. She is flexible, both physically and morally, and those assets add up to a good time that cannot be passed up.

Moxxie gets off on being humiliated as much as SD does making her feel cheap. Something about not having a choice makes every act so much better. Everything from drooling through her gag to rimming SD makes Moxxie wet when she knows she is being judged; the more degrading the acts, the more intense the orgasms. Breath play, tit torment and verbal assaults all just add fuel to the fire.
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Cute girl w/HUGE natural tits, bound in the splits, stuck to a SYBIAN, cumming while throat fucked!
Smoken hot Cougar, binds herself and obeys sexual commands, how desperate they get with age..
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