[Archive] Ripe
For Tracy a long day starts with zip ties. They make effective restraints for every part of the body. Legs can be bound together, arms secured to the body, or tits just held tightly until their colors begin to change. That is how you know they are ripe for torment. As they start to change from the normal fleshy tones to a palate of bruised blues and purples the sensitivity goes through the roof. Tracy, and her beautiful tits, get to experience exactly how sensitive they can get. Sister Dee just wants to compare those screams to all of the other sounds that Tracy can make.
[Archive] Take Down
[Archive] Girl Next Door
[Archive] Stranded, Stripped, and Serviced
[Archive] Dia Zerva
Compromises Part 3
Leather and Lace
The Farmer‘s Daughter: Real life fantasies from your favorite porn stars! A feature Presentation!