[Archive] **BONUS** Delivery (Now in HD)
Sister Dee received a package from one of her friends. Inside the trunk is a new bitch, labeled "handle with care." Dee definitely isn't one to take a gift slut like femcar for granted. She immediately bends her over backward and starts to play her games.

femcar's tits are the first thing to get tormented. First they're probed with a pair of scissors, then clamped and tied to femcar's gag. When she struggles they get tugged. Another set of clamps runs to the clothes pins holding tight onto her pussy. Dee sets a vibrator right to her clit and it is barely warmed up before femcar is begging to cum. All she has to do to earn the privilege of getting off is beg enough to satisfy her new owner.

It's a bad idea to cum before Dee is done, even if you have permission. femcar is going to learn a few reasons why. First and foremost, Dee isn't done hurting her but her orgasm makes her extra sensitive. Dee is no more kind than before. She bends femcar over a horse and lifts her arms into a strappado to keep her there. The bindings keep her perfectly angled for Dee to cane bother her tits and her ass. A few small adjustments and she's also open to being tormented. And trust femcar to perform like a real bondage and pain slut. Her pussy is begging for more in a matter of minutes. Dee grabs Mr. Pogo and props him in her cunt. She finger fucks femcar's ass and vibrates her clit again. This time she can't speak to beg so Dee just continues until she feels content.

femcar is a good bitch for suspension. It leaves her unable to pull away from things like the cane across her feet. Every time she moves the bells clamped to her tits jingle a bit. She spends so much time complaining that Dee decides to change her tune. She puts the vibrator back to femcar's sloppy, wet cunt and sets it to high speed. femcar is a fountain of gratitude until Dee removes the heavy clamps. The reality of her pain comes flooding back to her. It turns her on so much she cums hard soon after.
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