[Archive] **BONUS** Marina (Now in HD)
Sister Dee likes to keep her bitches on their toes. That, by no means, indicates they'll be safe once she's got them there, though. Marina gets to learn about Dee's idea of a good time first hand. She's in an uncomfortable position but that isn't going to stop Dee from bringing her the pain. She canes her little bitches feet and legs, making her dance a beautiful jig. The whole time there is an extremely powerful vibrator making it that much harder to block out the sensations. It's so intense that she can barely pant out her request to release her orgasm. By the time she cums she screams out at the top of her lungs.

Cumming and canes aren't the only way to suffer. Dee likes to get her hands on the bitches while she has them helpless. Marina gets a vicious spanking while she's bent over on all four. Her tits are smacked and punched and pinched, all the time Marina struggles feebly. She really starts to thrash after Dee jams a pogo into her and puts another vibe on her cunt. She just cums so fast that Dee decides to leave her to suffer some more with it pressed against her clit.