[Archive] No Pain No Gain
No pain, no gain. If Lavender wants to have a shot at getting off she is going to have to make Sister Dee happy. That means taking every bit of pain and, more importantly, every inch of her strap-on. Whether it's down the throat or deep into her pussy, it's going to disappear in any hole Dee chooses. Lavender's tits are no safer. Dee can hang weights from them or clamp them with clothes pins and it will only serve to get Lav's pussy wet. Give her some aerial acrobatics and some tight rope around her breasts and she'd be dripping if she weren't hanging upside down. It's a good thing she can cum in any position because Sister Dee has quite a few for her.
[Archive] Bondage Doll
[Archive] TwoFer
[Archive] Exploration Part Two
[Archive] House Calls
Another Bondage Legend taking the cock! Brutal deep throating, rough fucking, massive squirting!
Bad Teacher
Cuntlette(Part Three)
Dana's Plight